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1. Qualification for exhibition

Exhibitor is limited to organizations or corporations which has filled exhibitor application and has been approved at the organizers examination. During the examination, organizers can refuse exhibitor s applications and participation because of one of the reasons below. Also, for the examination result, the criteria’s decision will not be published by the organizers.
① False application
② Inadequacies between Festa contents and contents stated in the participant application form
③ Complaint expected from visitors or other exhibitors
④ Exhibitor candidate submitted to bankruptcy procedure
⑤ Exhibitor candidate submitted to legal restrain activities order
⑥ Exhibitor candidate having trouble with customers and business partners
⑦ Other candidate that participation could be determined extremely unreasonable

2. Exhibitor Applications and Contract

Exhibitor registration form is accepted by E-mail, FAX or mail the application form has been filled exhibit requirements. After deadline submission, E-mail confirmation of receipt and examination result is sent to Exhibitor candidates from the Secretariat. In addition, exhibitor has to send by mail the application form original to the secretariat.

3. Exhibitor Application and deadline

Date of Primary Registration Deadline for exhibitors: July 31, 2013. Request received after the Registration Deadline will be accept according to space availability remaining.

4. Payment of exhibition fees

Exhibitor has to transfer exhibition fee to the account designated within one month from the date of issue of the invoice issued by the secretariat. If payment can not be confirmed before the deadline, exhibitor may cancel the exhibit. As a general rule, payment of exhibition fees has to be paid only in Japanese Yen.

5. Responsibilities and prohibitions of exhibitors

➀ Responsibility of payment
Exhibitors liability will be charged for the payment of exhibition fee and expenses until all payments are complete.
➁ Compliance with laws and regulations
Exhibitors must comply with applicable laws and regulations are in force in Japan.
➂ Compensation
Exhibitors, companies or agents have to arrange immediately compensation if any damage is caused to another exhibitor space, equipment organizer or exhibition facilities.
④ Damage, loss and theft of the exhibited product
The organizer is not responsible for any damage concerning exhibited product damaged, loss or theft.
➄ Position exhibition space
Organizer decides of the position and location of little space.
➅ Prohibitions of trade, exchange, sublease of exhibition space
Prohibition of exhibition space sublease, sale, exchange or transfer. If the prohibited activity is discovered, the organizers reserve the right to remove such exhibits of exhibitors. Regarding exhibition space sublease, lease of furniture, exhibitors will bear responsibility of the trouble and damage caused by the act of transfer, trade, exchange.
➆ Trademark infringement
Prohibits the exhibition of the products that infringe the trademarks of their respective owners. The organizer is not responsible for trouble or for damages between visitors and exhibitors about this infringement.
➇ Trouble during the exhibition
From exhibition installation to the end of exhibition take down, the organizer is not responsible for any trouble or damages occurring between exhibitors and visitors.

6. Cancel of application form

In principle, cancellation of will not be accepted after the exhibit applications. Applicant’s special circumstances can be recognized exceptionally and organizers will invoice cancellation fee as follow:
➀ cancel until August 31, 2015 50% of the total exhibition fee
➁ cancel after September 30, 2015 100% of the total exhibition fee
✽ The organizer reserves the right to freely reassign the spaces has been canceled.

7. Postponement, suspension or change of event

In case of some disaster such as natural disasters, infectious diseases, or the public security crisis occurs and causes some and damages to the exhibition hall, organizers can decide to change, postpone or suspend event schedule. Exhibition fees will be refund to the exhibitors after subtraction of necessary expenses. Trouble, damages or diplomatic problems related to the disaster can not be attributable to the responsibility of the organizers.

8. Intellectual property rights

Exhibitors must comply with the trademark law, copyright law and other intellectual property rights related to intellectual property rights law, in Japan or others foreign countries. If organizers determine that some exhibitor has counterfeit products or infringement of intellectual property rights in their space, organizers can cancel the exhibit of the exhibitor.

9. Display rights, portrait rights

All display rights, portrait rights related to our Festa as articles, photos, video, television, newspapers, magazines, Internet and other belong to the organizers.

10. Entry into Japan

If exhibitor needs to proceed to special immigrations procedure to enter into Japan, the exhibitor is will bear the expenses and proceed on his own responsibility to immigration procedure. If applicant wants to cancel the exhibition contract because he can not enter for any reason, cancellation fee prescribed by section 6 of this provision will occur.

11. Handling of Personal Information

➀ Organizers shall use only exhibitors personal information required for the event. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties unless the consent of the people.
➁ Exhibitors, agents and supplier will handle personal information obtained through the exhibitor appropriately and lawfully in application of japanese laws and regulations.

12. Other specified matters

Some modifications of those exhibition rules can occur in order to run smoothly the business operations. Organizers can also add new arrangements provisions on matters not described in those exhibition rules.

13. Exemptions

Organizers are not responsible in any way of exhibitor’s loss or damage in case of article 7 “Postponement, suspension or change of event” or article 12 “Other specified matters”.

14. Construction, decorative loading and unloading, and removal

For exhibition space construction, decoration such as loading and unloading, and removal to the venue, exhibitor has to follow “Exhibit rules manual” that organizer s will provide.

15. Court of competent jurisdiction

The competent court to manage a dispute about the rights and obligations arising from this Festa exhibition is the court that has jurisdiction over the location of the secretariat.


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