▸ Frédéric Toutlemonde
▸ Monkey Punch
▸ C.B. Cebulski (Marvel)
▸ Nanako Ishido (CANVAS)
▸ Stéphane Beaujean (KABOOM!)
▸ Ichiya Nakamura (Keio Univ)
▸ Hisayoshi Hurukawa
General Manager
▸ Yuichiro Morinaga


▸ Institut français du Japon
▸ Instituto Cervantes Tokyo
▸ Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo
▸ Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Tokyo
GRAPHIC Corporation


▸ Megumi Onouchi (HumainMedia)
▸ Ikuro Shimizu (MangaVision)
▸ Yoshimichi Majima
▸ Kohei Misumi
▸ Makoto Muramatsu
▸ Hana Ikeda

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Application form for Artist Alley

For authors and creators who want to participate in Kaigai Manga Festa, please read the following notes and apply now!! Once you send us an application, we will send you more information including payment details within a week.

  • Please fill the number of tables and chairs you need.
    *We offer 2 chairs and 1 panel for 1 table as a standard set, and you can have 3 chairs for 1table at a maximum.*
  • We do not have free electricity support for Artist Alley participants.
  • Please let us know the number of additional entry passes when necessary (up to 3 is free)
  • Please send us a picture of your work through this application form (900×900 pixels, format by PNG or JPG).
  • We will display your logo on our fryers, event posters, and our official web site.
  • The description of your booth will be used in “the guide for visitors” pages on both website and fryers, so please make your information as clear as possible.
  • You can share a table with your friends! If you share a table with your friends, please download and fill out this file and send it to us .

Artist Alley Price details here

In the case of “403error” , please download and fill out this file and send us via email  with your picture attached.
We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation.


Your name (required)

Your address(required)

Your e-mail address (required)

Image of your work (required)

Number of spaces

Number of additional chairs


Artist name (required)



Major works

Introduction of yourself (About your art, recent works etc)
English, approximately 100 words. (required)

Japanese, approximately 150 letters (required)

Why don't you join "After Party" to have communication with other exhibitors in a more relaxed atmosphere?

HOUR:from 17:30
VENUE(tentative):HONGKONG EXPRESS Le PARC (3rd Floor, East Exhibition Hall, Tokyo Big Sight)

*the number of people join "After Party" 

Please reconfirm


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