▸ Frédéric Toutlemonde
▸ Monkey Punch
▸ Nanako Ishido (CANVAS)
▸ Stéphane Beaujean (KABOOM!)
▸ Ichiya Nakamura (Keio Univ)
▸ Hisayoshi Hurukawa
General Manager
▸ Yuichiro Morinaga


▸ Institut français du Japon
▸ Instituto Cervantes Tokyo
▸ Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo
▸ Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Tokyo
GRAPHIC Corporation


▸ Megumi Onouchi (HumainMedia)
▸ Ikuro Shimizu (MangaVision)
▸ Yoshimichi Majima
▸ Kohei Misumi
▸ Makoto Muramatsu
▸ Hana Ikeda

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Festival related Event : Talk Session and Live Painting by Olivier Ledroit, Tony Valente, Haruhisa Nakata at the Institut Français Tokyo

Institut Français Tokyo will host a talk session and a live painting event by two French artists, Olivier Ledroit and Tony Valente, and a Japanese artist Haruhisa Nakata.

Olivier Ledroit gained worldwide reputation when he drew the epic dark fantasy comic series “Les Chroniques de la Lune noire (Black Moon Chronicles)” in the 1990s. Thereafter, with his luxuriant art style, he has been one of the most powerful figures in European comic culture.

Tony Valente has also demonstrated a conspicuous role in French comic world. In his major work “RADIANT”, he showed his strong influence from Japanese manga, which significantly helped Bande Dessinée to expand its definition.

Haruhisa Nakata, an emerging Japanese artist, is attracting more and more domestic and overseas readers with his delicate and graphic style. One of his recent works “Levius” ran in the famous monthly manga magazine Gekkan Ikki.

Visit Institut Français Tokyo to witness improvisations by these three inspiring artists!

Event Summary

Location Institut Français Tokyo, Espace Images
15 Ichigaya Funagawara-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Date November 14th 14:00-16:30
Ticket Free

↓More information in Japanese here↓

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