▸ Frédéric Toutlemonde
▸ Monkey Punch
▸ Nanako Ishido (CANVAS)
▸ Stéphane Beaujean (KABOOM!)
▸ Ichiya Nakamura (Keio Univ)
▸ Hisayoshi Hurukawa
General Manager
▸ Yuichiro Morinaga


▸ Institut français du Japon
▸ Instituto Cervantes Tokyo
▸ Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo
▸ Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Tokyo
GRAPHIC Corporation


▸ Megumi Onouchi (HumainMedia)
▸ Ikuro Shimizu (MangaVision)
▸ Yoshimichi Majima
▸ Kohei Misumi
▸ Makoto Muramatsu
▸ Hana Ikeda

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>-SIDE DOOR->が海外マンガフェスタ2017に参加します!

>-SIDE DOOR-> is a Taiwanese artist group consisting of four creators, Adoor Yeh, champignonlin, 曾 耀慶 and KoSiHâm.

Adoor Yeh was born in 1989, Taipei
She started to creating sequential art and self-published comics in 2013, when she live in London, England.
She came back to Taiwan in 2015,  and she has been participating in multiple comic events such as Festival d’Angoulême, Thought Bubble, and Comica Comiket etc.

AA24_02 Adoor Yeh

champignonlin is an illustrator and picture book artist born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
After she worked for design and art magazines Design Note  and Illust Note,
she has been currently working as a freelance illustrator and picture book artist, creating a lot of picture books and zines.
She won the grand prize in the contest Cooperate Collaboration Tokyo Project.

AA24_01 champignonlin

曾 耀慶 was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 1989.
Studied art in National Taiwan Normal University, she started creating comics from 2012.
A lot of her works won prizes in Taiwan.

AA24_04 曾 耀慶


KoSiHâm is a 1988-born graphic designer.
Her work has been deeply inspired by politics and history, and her art them is based on one question “What is  Taiwanese own culture?”
In 2017年 she created her own brand  “Hái-tó ê Si”, which means “the poetry of ocean and island” in Taiwanese. This year she is planning to bring some children’s books.

AA24_03 KoSiHâm


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