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Olivier LEDROIT VS KERASCOET VS Eisaku Kubonouchi


Olivier Ledroit launched his career as an illustrator after studying for 2 years at the Duperre School of Applied Arts in Paris. He created illustrations for a number of games, but coming into contact with Frech comic creator Froideval changed the course of his career. Chronicques de la Lune noire (Chronicles of the Black Moon), on which they collaborated, gathered an intense following and became a hit selling over 1 million copies. In 1997 he released the short work Ennemis mortels (Mortal Enemies) based on a novel by Philip K Dick. Dick’s body of works also served as the inspiration for La Porte écarlate (The Scarlet Door), published by Soleil. He then illustrated the 11-volume Requiem Chevalier Vampire (Vampire Knight Requiem), based on the original work by Pat Mills. The work became an opportunity for him to depict symbolic and surreal scenes of which he is extremely fond, and the motifs of bloodflow and spattered blood. All of Ledroit’s works are colored by himself, with a sense of weight and texture reminiscent of a mural. He is the most prominent of the numerous French artists debuting in the 1990’s who were influenced by the appeal of heroic fantasy and new Anglo-Saxon comics. He resides in Brittany.


Sebastien Cosset was born in 1975. He studied applied art, and received an advanced engineering degree in environmental architecture (BTS) that opened the door to his involvement in the French comic world. Marie Pommepuy was born in 1978 in Brest. She studied graphic and scientific/medical illustration. After sharing a studio together, they embarked upon their professional relationship.

Eisaku Kubonouchi

Born 1966 in Kochi Prefecture
Eisaku Kubonouchi’s completely hand-drawn illustrations that use colored pencils and markers for everything including the background and details are centered on women, and boast an unshakable popularity among female teenage readers. His character designs range in subject from school to military, as well as his kids’ series depicting young children as their motif. In addition to his making-of and adult-focused painting instruction books for line art, he specializes in flashy designs for cosplayers and stage dressing.

Talk Live1 Overview

Location Main Stage
Time Table November 15, 2015 12:20 to 13:20

Michael DeForge VS Jillian Tamaki VS Gengoroh Tagame

Michael DeForge

Michael DeForge was born in 1987 and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. After a few years of experimenting with short strips and zines, he created Lose #1, his first full-length comic, which won Best Emerging Talent at the Doug Wright Awards. He has since published a surprising number of comics and graphic novels, which have received industry praise and numerous award nominations.
His illustrations have been published in the New York Times and Bloomberg View; his comics have appeared in the Believer, Maisonneuve, and the Adventure Time comic book series.
Michael will be participating in a small show of original artworks at PressPop gallery in PARCO, Shibuya, from September 15th, 2015.
Main Titles: Lose (#1-#7), Ant Colony, Body Beneath, Dressing, First Year Healthy, Very Casual

Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki is a Canadian cartoonist and illustrator. She is the co-creator of the graphic novel Skim (with Mariko Tamaki, published as GIRL in Japanese), which was listed as one of the New York Times’ Best Illustrated Books of 2008 and was nominated for four Eisner Awards. Her second collaborative work with Mariko Tamaki, the graphic novel This One Summer, was a New York Times Bestseller, won the 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award, a Printz Honor, and became the first graphic novel to be given a Caldecott Honor. Tamaki has won two Ignatz Awards for her work on SuperMutant Magic Academy.
Main Titles: Skim, This One Summer, SuperMutant Magic Academy, Frontier: Sex Coven.

Gengoroh Tagame

Gengoroh Tagame is a Japanese manga artist who specializes in gay BDSM erotic manga. The men he depicts are hypermasculine, and tend to be on the ‘bearish’ side.
Born into a family descended from samurai, Tagame began his career as a manga artist in 1982, while he was studying graphic design at Tama Art University. His works have been published in several Japanese gay magazines, including Sabu, G-men and SM-Z. Since 1986, he has used the pen-name Gengoroh Tagame, and since 1994 Tagame has lived off the profits of his art and writings. In recent years, Tagame has edited a two volume artbook series about the history of gay erotic art in Japan from the 1950s to the present.
With over a dozen collections of work available in Japan, Tagame’s work has been translated into French, Italian, German, and recently into English. His short stories have appeared in the anthologies Thickness (2012) and Massive (2014). In 2013 the first full-length collection of his work was released, entitled The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame. Subsequently his manga Endless Game, Gunji, The Fisherman’s Lodge, and Contracts of the Fall.
Recently Tagame has begun a new serial in Monthly Action magazine, entitled My Brother’s Husband (Ototo no Otto). This mainstream manga is intended for all audiences and is not an erotic work, but instead a realistic exploration about gay life in Japan and abroad. The first Japanese tankobon collection was released in 2015 to much acclaim, and an English edition is expected to follow in 2016.

Talk Live2 Overview

Location Main Stage
Time Table November 15, 2015 13:40 to 14:40

Live Drawing
Ryan Benjamin VS Whilce Portacio VS Kim Jung Gi VS Katsuya Terada

Ryan Benjamin

Ryan Benjamin is a professional comic book artist/illustrator/3D artist for DC, Marvel and Image comics. Years of working with Jim Lee and studying with peers such as Jeff Campbell, Travis Charest and Alex Garner, have shaped his path as a professional comic artist. He has worked on such top-selling comics as WildCats, Grifter, X-men, Star Wars, Spawn, Captain America, Iron Man, Grifter/Midnighter, Batman, Batman Beyond and many more. A variety of his work as a designer can be seen in video games like DC Universe (DCOU), movies and TV shows like Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, ThunderCats and Ultimate Spiderman. He is currently working on an animated film called Pancratia as well as on other cinematic and comic book projects.

Whilce Portacio

With over 30 years of experience in the comicbook industry, Whilce Portacio has worked on Marvel, DC and Image titles like Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man: Heroes Reborn,X Force, Journey Into Mystery, Hulk, Authority, Stormwatch, Batman Confidential, Superman/Batman, Spawn, Darkness, and many more.Portacio recently returned to creator-owned book collaborating with Glen Brunswick on “Non-Humans” for Image and a new book is in the works for launch very soon.

Kim Jung Gi

Born in 1975, Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea.He has the ability to visualize the drawing before making his marks.With mental pictures, he can draw without a photographic reference.In 2002, Kim Jung Gi started to be published in the Japanese magazine “Young Jump” with “Funny Funny”.Since 2007, he has published four Sketchbooks and a French comic book “Spygames” in 2014.He also performs often in the biggest comic’s event all around the word.

Katsuya Terada

Katsuya Terada is a prolific comic artist, illustrator and character-designer born in 1963.He is probably best known abroad as the character-designer for the anime film, Blood: The Last Vampire.He has also done work related to American comics, such as Iron Man and Hellboy.His mean comic title is the manga Saiyukiden Daienou (Monkey King).

Live Drawing Overview

Location Main Stage
Time Table November 15, 2015 15:00 to 16:00


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